O Heavenly Child

O Heavenly Child,
Do not get down on your knees to pray to me.
Instead stay on your feet,
And do as I would do in place of me.

O Heavenly Child,
I have blessed you with many treasures
That only the most purehearted already know;
My fruitful garden is vast and without measure,
And in your own body,
I have planted metals of
Copper, silver and gold.

O Heavenly Child,
You chant my name but have forgotten me.
I do not want your verses,
Or the coins from your purses,
But for you to love and embrace each other,
To uphold truth, justice and peace –
And to respect your father and mother,
Fellow sisters and brothers.

O Heavenly Child,
My messengers are as limitless as the fish in the sea.
They come in all colors, regions, languages and creeds.
But their message is one and the same, don’t you see?
I only wish to unite all my children under
One family tree.

O Heavenly Child,
Do not massacre my creations or destroy my art,
Do not spill blood in my garden or you will break my heart.
I have given you and every nation everything man could ever need,
But you have manipulated and corrupted my message
To feed your egotism, selfishness and greed.

O Heavenly Child,
Do not forget that I am here, there and everywhere.
The birds are my eyes and the air is my ears.
And as you sleep, your heart and soul rest naked before me;
I can drink from the rivers of your thoughts,
And even feel the wetness of your tears.

O Heavenly Child,
The stories you have concocted in my name anger me;
For I would never instigate war between brothers,
Or encourage tribes to harbor resentment towards one another.
I prefer the man who loves over the one who hates,
And the man who spreads kindness and knowledge
Over the one who spreads lies, fear and
Misuses my name.

O Heavenly Child,
Do not recite words to show you know and love me;
For I already put my breath and light inside you.
Instead, put truth in your every word and action,
And always let your conscience steer and
Guide you.

Copyright 1993 – 2019. All rights reserved.

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