Love Just Happens

Love just happens
When you are not looking for it
Not paying attention
You could miss it the first few times
Then somehow this invisible magnetic energy
Pulls you and the person together
And you feel this beautiful magic
That was not there before
And their name becomes the most hypnotic name
And you die to see their eyes
When you open yours
Every time.

Love just happens.
When you least expect it
At any location
At any time
It never announces its arrival
And when it does find you
Its warmth is so strong
It may frighten you
You could close your eyes and feel it
And feel them
No matter where you are
Or they are
Every time.

Love just happens
And it happens to everybody
But some people have their sensors off.
Or hide from it.
Don’t look for it.
Don’t think about it.
Open your heart and it will find you.
It always does.
Whenever you think it forgot about you.
It just hits you.
Just like that.
Every time.

Copyright 1993 – 2019. All Rights Reserved.

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