A Vision In Lazuli

The ledge of the Creator’s window
Is filled with birds that speak sacred words,
And when they open their mouths —
I see the swirly souls of white ghostly men with long wispy beards
Trail away into the clouds.
My ears hear colors and my eyes see sounds.
Two men in blue robes are there to meet me,
While fleets of children rush up to greet me.
Dressed in heavenly garments of various neon,
Seven of them struggle to give me a heavy lapis tablet —
So I can use it to scribe and read on.
I’m ushered into a crystalline realm
Where sweet symphonies swirl out of flowers,
And beautiful women swing from pearled chairs
Into rainbow waterfalls where they all shower.
The majestic portrait of this divine world
Moves the sea in me and completes me,
So I feel the urge to pinch myself to see
Whether or not
I’m just hallucinating or simply dreaming.
Warm tears start streaming down my cheeks,
But the texture of each drop is thicker and sweeter,
Like the rich nectar dripping from freshly picked lilies,
Their hypnotic perfume calms my heart and spirit.
And somewhere,
Someone is playing a xylophone very softly
But I can barely hear it.
Its gentle chimes
Light up my heart and mind,
And I can feel it and clearly see them.
Then I look over to a beautiful tree
Where peacock feathers replace its leaves,
And every desirable fruit and vegetable
Gleam seductively from its sleeves.
And near it,
A boy is sitting on a lion resting next to a lamb,
And an infinite number of white doves are flying out of his hand,
And immediately I think to myself:
But how can that be?
Isn’t the lamb afraid the lion will tear it?
Then all three heads turn to look at me
And the lion replies to the thought in my mind,
“This is love, my child. Don’t you ever fear it.”
Then the boy rises on his lion to stride in my direction,
And I rub my eyes and squint at his approaching light
To make sure he was not part of my mind’s invention.
And when I take away my hands,
The boy is now staring deeply into my eyes,
And through his, I see my own reflection.
Then gently, he says to me:
“One is all. All is one.”
And that was our simple introduction.
And not too far from our feet, the boy points out to me
That we are standing at the edge
Of the universe.
The sun is beaming proudly in the distance,
And the galaxy looks like it’s swallowing little Earth.
All around it,
And up and down it,
I hear squeaky bird sounds and children laughing as if on a playground –
Mixed with the trickling sounds of flowing waters,
And see the floating pictures of sons and fathers,
Mothers and daughters.
“What is this?” I ask.
He replied, “Nothing in the universe stops rotating around each other.
What you are seeing is simply how the planets communicate with one another.”

The sights and sounds are quite the shocker
And if what he said was truly the case,
Then Jupiter and Earth are the most active talkers.
So then I turn back to look at the boy
To ask him where we are.
And he tells me:
“We are on the bright blue star that dances radiantly inside your own very heart.”
Then suddenly I felt the immediate need
To go under the tree to sleep.
Feeling intoxicated and dreamy,
The abundance of all this overwhelming beauty
Had sedated me like a wizard’s ruby.
But when I woke up,
I was back to being alone, as there was no longer anyone beside me.
And my bed felt hard and cold,
But an eagle was waiting for me on the ledge of my balcony.
And just like a headmaster waiting to scold me, it told me:
“Keep writing with all your heart and soul,
And keep spreading your words like seeds of gold.
But be patient as every flower blooms at its own pace,
But your infinite gardens of wisdom will surely grow.”

Then in a swift instant, it flew into the wide open blue
And disappeared from the view of my window.
So I raised my head from my pillow
To watch it chase after its own echoes.
Then in the magnificent light of the most brilliant sun,
I heard all the birds singing together in unison:



Copyright 1993 – 2019. All rights reserved.

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