What is Truth?

Truth is not a thing
Or a concept.
It is as multidimensional
In its meaning
As it is in its reflection.
It is both invisible
And visible.
It carries tons of weight,
But can be carried.
It is understood first through the spirit
Before science,
And felt in the heart,
Before the mind.
Truth is not always heard by reason,
Because reason sometimes
Ignores Truth.

Always listen to your conscience.
Your conscience is your heart
And reason is your mind.
Your mind is simply there to reason
With your heart.
But remember,
Truth is in your heart,
And only through your heart
Can you connect to the light of God.
He who is not motivated by his heart
Will not see Truth,
And he who thinks only with his mind
Will be blind to Truth.
He who does not think
With his conscience,
Does not stand by God,
For the language of light
Can only be decoded by the heart.
He who reads and recites words of God
Also does not stand by God –
If he merely understands
Words with his mind
But not his heart.

Truth is black and white,
And the entire spectrum
Of colors in-between.
It can have many parts,
But has a solid foundation.
Truth lacks perfection,
For it is the reflection of all,
Yet its reflection as a whole,
Is more beautiful
Than the accumulated flaws
Of the small.
Truth is the only brand
Worth breathing
And believing.
So stand for truth
In everything you do,
And only then
Does your life have

WHAT IS TRUTH? by Suzy Kassem
Copyright 1993 – 2019. All rights reserved.

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